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Our projects have been developed to provide social and environmental benefits to communities. Our projects have been designed to improve the lives of individuals and families while implementing a green economy that will maintain a comfortable standard of living for all, and preserve the environment. 

Project 1. Community Clean Up

We will be collecting litter throughout the community in large groups of volunteers. We will document our progress with pictures and videos which can be shared with the public. This project will improve the aesthetic quality of the city and prevent garbage from entering our aquatic systems. Community involvement in the project will inspire people to take pride in having clean neighborhoods and to respect the environment. The project will also provide valuable social interactions between participants which will lead to positive experiences and lasting relationships.

Project 2. Community Green Up

We will be identifying areas in the city which would benefit from habitat restoration projects. Then we will remove invasive plant species and replace them with native plant species. Some areas will just be planted with native plant species in order to increase the aesthetic and ecological values of the community. The activities undertaken during this project will involve teamwork building skills and will also provide social and environmental benefits similar to those of the Community Clean Up project.

Project 3. Community Gardens

We will be working towards increasing the amount of gardens in the community. Our focus will be to establish food gardens but ornamental gardens will be considered if there are significant interests in particular areas of the community, and if there are realistic commitments made by community members to maintain the gardens. By growing local, organic produce we will be able to teach community members about the importance of self-sufficiency. And we will be able to show them that everyone can contribute to reducing the amount of food that is transported globally. This project will increase the amount of nutritious food available for local residents, and decrease the amount of GHG emissions that are created from the transportation of produce.      

Our Projects.  

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