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Darius and Patricia 

Ecovillage hosts in Knowlesville, New Brunswick. Darius and Patricia have chosen to live a humble life in a healthy natural environment where they can raise their child. They have a vision of creating an ecovillage and they would like nothing more than to share their vision with others. 

The Wong-Daugherty Family

Leland and Tegan are modern day pioneers. They have chosen to live simply and raise their children to have strong connections with people and the natural world. They also encourage others to embrace sustainable living, and work tirelessly to help those who choose to transition to a simple lifestyle in their community, the South Knowlesville Community Land Trust in New Brunswick. You can learn more about them by visiting their website at, or check out their variety of services at

Jenn and Ben

Jenn and Ben are very conscious about healthy living. They are really supportive of local organic agriculture and the concept of living lightly on planet Earth. They grow some of their own food and teach their children about the importance of local organic food production. They are also involved with teaching school children about leadership, crafts, and the Farm to School Initiative in their home province of Nova Scotia.

Alisha Alger

Alisha enjoys gardening and helping others.

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